5 key elements of branding services


It is consumers who build a brand, not companies. People quite frequently use the word ‘brand’ interchangeably with the word ‘company’ which is not true. A brand is a promise to the consumer about the quality of the product they are purchasing and the experience that comes with it, which, is more of a visceral aspect of a company’s identity. It’s an overall reputation of your company and defines how successful it is. According to Jeff Bezos, “your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room” Before you start your brand, let’s explore the 5 key elements of successful branding services that define it.

1) Vision

Also referred to as ‘Brand Purpose’, is the foundation of a successful brand. Ask yourself what is your ultimate goal? Is it generating profit above and beyond? Or is it presenting something meaningful for the consumers? And what unique aspect of it will outstand the competition?

Most successful brands aim to improve the quality of not just the product but the user experience as well while doing usual business. For example, Starbucks does not aim to make the best coffee in the world as their first and foremost priority, they aim to provide a place between home and work and providing the best experience for it. Thus, big brands are not big because of what they do, it is why they do what they do.

Your vision is what motivates the whole staff to provide the best they can and makes the customers be a part of your bigger story.

2) Emotion and Positioning

Connecting to the customers at an emotional level and making your brand a part of a feeling is what truly makes you successful. In fact, not just the customers, it is how the general public feels regarding your products and your brand identity. If you manage to approach your target audience at a visceral level, you have a successful brand in making.

Perhaps the best example of this is – the brand emotion carried by Coca-Cola for the past century: happiness. They have been branding their beverage with that typical sentiment for years now and it has now become a general feeling.

You need to ask yourself what exact category your company stands in and what is the best target audience for it because you can’t sell anything to everyone. Narrowing down your options and figuring out what the customers truly need and what is something that can make your brand exceptionally different from others will allow you to figure out the way to connect with the customers. A good branding agency can also help you with this.

3) Consistency and Promise

Out of sight, out of mind. You must remain consistent with your branding to maintain a strong image in the marketplace. Stay consistent with advertisements and make sure you always choose the most relatable branding services. This is also something that can be dealt with by a branding company. Sending out funny tweets from the official company account is the technique “Wendy’s” used to go viral on twitter which probably served a promotion of the brand free of cost. It was indeed an ingenious marketing strategy that helped the brand to gain popularity and likeness among the consumers.

But before you do such a thing, make sure the joke aligns perfectly with the basic vision of the company. Having a website is also essential for branding consistency. You can also have the appropriate web design for your brand by hiring a good web designer.

4) Perception

This is what most people refer to as brand value or personality. To develop a personality for your brand, think if it were a human, what characteristics would it have and how it would behave like. Would it be confident? Funny? Jovial? Entertaining? Serious? It is basically how you will engage with the world and huge brand identity and, as in the tone of voice.

5) Expression

The expression is different from the intangible aspects of your business. It is the visual or physical appearance of the personality your brand has developed. This is the logo and slogan of your company which is how your brand is seen in the market. You can always hire a graphic designer from a well-reputed design agency to find the best expression of your vision.

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