Local SEO Success in 2020 : How to Feed, Fight, and Flip Google

Local SEO Success in 2020

Someone promised that you will get more customers if you get a website. So, you paid corporate brand identity services (short for branding services) and they provided you with a catchy brand name, logo, presentation design, and pitch deck design. You spent a good amount of money and time designing a professional-looking website. But when it was all done and you were all set for a line of new customers, nothing. No new customer and no website view.

You must have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimization? Even if you do not tech-savvy, it is a simple process. SEO is what makes your website relevant. It can also help you increase the quantity and quality of views. To get more organic traffic probably usually contact SEO service providers.

You can search on Google and you will see results like SEO services for DispensarySEO services for health supplementsSEO services for CBDSEO services for rejuvenation clinicSEO services for CannabisSEO services for clinic, etc. It is easier than ever before to find an SEO service provider.

You can contact professionals for help but everyone cannot afford the SEO expenses every month. If you are one of those people who are under a strict budget, follow these 8 SEO tips to get your website more organic traffic.

1. Find An Opportunity Keyword:

Find An Opportunity Keyword

You must have noticed that most of the time Google results are jam-packed with stuff, there is one ad on top, then a features snippet, and Q&A box. So, opportunity keywords are the keyword with more click-through rates (CTR). These are the words that when searched do not show random ads or Q&A on the first page. This increases the opportunity of your website being noticed and clicked.

2. Research The Content Competition:

Research The Content Competition

Now that you have selected the keyword you are going to use, put it in the search box and check out the results. All of the websites that show up try to find a similarity between them. Most of the time the same type of results shows up on some pages, for example, if you are a cooking blogger and search Apple Pie. The topmost results are always Apple Pie recipe and not “What are the benefits of eating an apple pie”. So now you have two options, either write similar but better content or to write something completely different. If the content is similar but better, it all ranks and if it is different it will catch people’s eye.

3. Use Short URLs:

Use Short URLs

It is tested several times and proven over and over again that short URLs are correlated to higher Google rankings. We do not recommend going back and changing older URLs but from now on make your URLs short. The URL should usually be the main keyword and nothing more than two words before or after.

4. Internal Links:

Internal Linking structure

Yes, internal links still work if done correctly. How does it work? Well, you have to add links of articles with authority to the articles which are not doing well. Authority means the article which is ranking higher or has a nice amount of views. So, when you add links from an article that is doing well too your new post, it shows Google a contention between both posts. This helps new blogs rank higher.

5. Search Intent:


You used the perfect keyword and wrote top-notch content but your post is still on the 10th page? It might be because your article does not match the search intent of users. Take this example, you search “Top travel destination”. Chances are, the first Google page will be full of lists of best places one should travel to. But, your post is a general travel guide. In this case, you should either rewrite your content to match the search intent or use a Keyword that goes well with travel guides.

6. Content Design:


Content design can make or break your post. Imagine, you have written the best article in the history but it looks messy and is filled with cheesy photos. Now, when people would click they would get a bad first impression and bounce back to the results. This gives a bad result to the Google algorithm. Google would think your site is either not relative to the keyword or that the content is not helpful and this can push your website backward in the ranking.

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