How to build a strong brand for your small business?

A brand defines the overall experiences that your customers or potential customers have with your company. It is a promise to your audience about your services and it tells them what they can expect from what you have to offer. A strong brand can communicate the values of your company and makes people understand why you do what you do while earning trust and credibility.

You could be a maverick in your industry or an experienced yet more reliable person, an effective brand strategy can provide you a major edge in the highly saturated and increasingly competitive marketplace. The foundation of your brand is the tangible aspects of your brand identity. It comprises your logo and color pallet which should be integrated on your website, packaging, and promotional materials.

How Do I Brand My Small Business

How can small businesses establish a strong brand on a tiny budget? Here are some tips to get you started.

Think Different

Unless it is a revolutionary invention, the marketplace is already filled with whatever you have to offer. Standing out in highly competitive agora can be difficult especially for small businesses. But, if you have a strong brand identity, it is highly likely that you will be able to attract mass consumers. One of the most iconic and world-leading brands of our time – Apple – invited people to “Think Different”. Today, their products are more reliable and better quality than their competitors.

You must ask yourself what makes you unique and sets you apart from the competition? What can you do that others in the same industry do not? You can always consult a branding agency to help you figure out your unique branding strategies.

Reach Target Audience

Most of the biggest brands spend modest sums on the singular purpose of advertising and building a community. You need to understand that if people trust a company’s community, they can extend that trust to their brand. Small businesses should also focus on building online communities on some of the biggest social media platforms. Any branding company can help you sort out what sort of community you want for your brand.

Brand Your Products

As mentioned earlier, the foundation of a strong brand is based on the tangible aspects of the identity. Corporate branding should be done in a way that all the products such as tissue papers, packagings, shopping bags, etc. must be branded with the company’s logo and signature colors pallet. It makes your brand look sophisticated, experienced and reliable thus better than the competitors with unbranded products. Any good branding company can offer this type of branding services for your business.

Brand Image

A strong brand is easy to recognize and it begins with the brand name. People also very commonly associate a brand with its logo. A good logo builds trust and credibility and helps build a brand reputation. Ask your graphic designer to make a simple but sophisticated logo that somehow communicates your brand values. The name and the logo should appear on your business cards, letterheads, products, brochures, and other promotional material and pretty much everywhere in print and online to help people identify your products and services. Also, make sure that the graphic design of your advertisements and website should showcase the aesthetic design of your tangible brand identity.

Adapt Consistency

Many small businesses tend to change their message depending on the type of their audience. For example, they will maintain a serious tone on their website but a humorous tone on their fan pages which can confuse your existing and potential consumers. To build a strong brand for your business, you need to adapt consistency in the representation of it. This not only includes the brand image of your company but also your marketing materials, website and the content that you post to your social media networks.

Keep Promises and Deliver Value

Although it is self-explanatory, yet you would be surprised to know how many small businesses lose potential customers by not keeping their promises. Satisfied customers are the best resources of any brand because they are the source of referrals. So, keep your promise of great value to gain loyal customers for your brand. Do keep in mind that value does not necessarily mean lowest prices but it is a mixture of great customer service, product leadership, and operational excellence.

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