How much does a website cost for a small business in 2020?

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Website For A Small Business In 2020

Have you ever asked someone what is the exact cost of building a house? No right? Because every house is different, with a unique infrastructure and customized features. Just like that, no one can tell how much it cost to build a website. But we can try to make an estimate.

The following are the few expenses that you are going to make if you need to build a website for your newly established small business.

1. Corporate Brand Identity Services:

You can not build a website if you are not even sure about the name of your brand. Branding services help with selecting the best name, unique logo, presentation design or pitch deck design, product or service name, customer avatar, etc. This service can cost you from $100 to $150 per hour. But most of the time, if you are just starting your business you do not need to spend money on branding services.

2. Domain Name:

You sneakily skipped the last expense but no matter what you have to pay for this. A domain name is a unique name that a website has and every website in the history of the Internet had to pay for it (apparently). If your website is a house, the address is a domain name. You can get this address or name from domain providers like GoDaddy for $10 per year or more. The cost of the domain name usually depends on popularity. So if the name is more popular you might end up spending more than expected.

3. Hosting Package & Website Builder Charges:

A host is an online place or server where your website’s data is saved and a website builder is a software you need to create a website. Huge corporates host their websites but that can be expensive. Small business owners or people who are just starting their business want to cut down expenses as much as that can. The easy solution is to get an external host. The cost of a website host is flexible, it usually offers several packages from $5 to $50 per month. The price also depends on the platform you are using. The web hosts also offer free website building features so you will save money there.

4. Website Content:

You can not make a website without content. You have to have something to upload on the website. Even before you will start blogging, you will need graphics even videos. You might have also noticed that every website has lots of pages (we are not talking about blogs) and they are filled with texts. For example, about page. So, you can either hire someone professional to write your website content for $300 to $350 per project Or if you are good with words you can take your laptop, be creative and write a website content like a pro everything yourself. But we recommend hiring professionals because well there are professionals and if you want your DIY website to look not so DIY you would have to spend a few bucks here and there.

What Is SEO And Why You Need It

So this was almost every expense you would need to make if you want a website for your small business. But, having a website is not enough. You need a consistent flow of views to increase your sales or customers. There is no other way to get a good quality audience in high quantity without using SEO.

SEO is the process to get visibility and high ranking on Google without paying a penny for Google advertisement. You can either learn the basics of SEO but if you want quick results, hiring an SEO expert is not that expensive either. They charge $750 to $1000 per project on average, but the charges also depend on the niche and website’s current ranking.

We would not consider SEO cost as an expense but investment. No matter what your niche is an SEO specialist is providing the service. For example, if you are in the health industry you can find:

• SEO services for clinic
• SEO services for Dispensary
• SEO services for health supplements

If you want to rank your cannabis niche website search, SEO services for Cannabis and CBDS products. Even if you own a rejuvenating clinic. You can Google search SEO services for rejuvenation clinics and tons of results will show up.

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