How Do I Create A Small Business Website In 2020?

How Do I Create A Small Business Website In 2020

Due to technological advancement, it is no longer possible to run a business without a website anymore. Well, technically, you may be able to provide your services even if you do not own a website but will be losing a lot of potential customers without one.

If you are starting a small business and wish to maximize your sales or regular customers then you should start a small website and upgrade it by adding more features from time to time if needed. Here are a few things you might need to need to do before getting started with a new website for your business.

Corporate Brand Identity Services

The name says it all, branding services help people creating a unique identity for their business. Getting these services helps you with choosing the perfect name and logo for your brand. Whether you’re looking for a presentation design or a pitch deck design, they have got your back. These Corporate Brand Identity Services also enhance promotional strategies and brand statement.

Research The Market

Nothing is new under the sun, no matter which niche you belong to, there is always a great number of people doing the same thing. So, go online and check the websites related to your business. Observe what is and what is not working for people of your industry. Note down the aspects you want to adapt and the mistakes you should avoid.

Now that you are ready to get started you will be surprised by how easy it is to DIY your website even with zero codings or web designing experience. Here are some easy steps you will need to follow to set up your new website:

1. Get A Domain:

Since you already have a brand name by now, choosing a domain will not be that difficult. The most widely used domains are .com, .net, .org etc. We recommend you to get a domain with .com at the end because that is usual and most popular.

2. Choosing A Website Host & Website Builder:

A Website host and builder are NOT the same things. A “host” is a server where all of your website’s online data is stored and a “builder” is a software that helps you build the website without manual coding. Many website builders also offer to host, e.g. Squarespace, Weebly. These website builders offer several packages from $3 to $50 and you can choose the one which suits your budget the most.

3. Create Pages:

A good website is more than just a home page so you will be needing more than one page. For better understanding, a “home” page is where the user will land and it usually consists of a brand introduction and latest news. It is always good to add an “about” page where you share your personal story and business motives. You can also add a “catalog” page to showcase what products or services your business is willing to offer. Also, a “blog” page to update your customers. We strongly recommend you have a “contact us” page on your website. It allows the customers to connect with the brand hence adding more value to it.

4. Set Up A Payment System:

This is not something every business website would need but if you are dealing with selling products, setting a payment system is necessary. The simplest and quickest way to do this is by using an e-commerce software or third party processor for payment.

5. Test & Publish:

You must be excited to introduce your new baby website to the world but do NOT do it. First, check if your website is working smoothly on all of the popular internet browsers e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Then browse your website on mobile to check if it is looking good on the small screen. Finally, after testing the speed and functionality, your website is good to go. Publish it and share the link on all of your social.

How To Get Noticed On Google?

If you want to get on the first page of Google there is no other way to do it but SEO. You can either search engine optimize your content yourself or use the SEO services of freelancers or companies. They offer services for almost every niche. For example:

– SEO services for clinic

– SEO services for Dispensary

– SEO services for rejuvenation clinic

– SEO services for CBD

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– and many more.

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